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Silverlight sits at 100% - doesn't display - CRM 2011


I imported XRM Tools Solution on the CRM 2011 server (Win2008 R2) and all seemed to go well. Silverlight was not installed on the server so when I opened the XRM Tools Solution I was prompted to install Silverlight and I did. Silver light (version 5.1.30514.0) counted to 100% and then never launched the configuration screen.

I uninstalled Silverlight and the XRM Tools and then re-installed Silverlight. I tested Silverlight with the Microsoft demos and it is working. After testing Silverlight I re-imported XRM Tools and still get the same behavior. Perhaps the only caveat is that Silverlight doesn't appear to count; it starts at 100% but never displays the page. I've also tried going in and out of "compatibility mode" in IE with no luck. By the way version 11 of IE is installed on the server.

I have also tried it from my workstation with IE 10 with the same results.

Hopefully it is something stupid simple, I am looking forward to having access to these tools.