Dynamics XRM Tools brings you a quality range of applications that provide a useful set of features to enhance your experience while using and developing against Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The toolset consists of a Silverlight application framework that provides a central location for accessing the tools and you simply import the managed solution into CRM to begin working with it.

The latest version installs a configuration module which allows you to choose which tools to install. During importing the XRM Tools solution you must select the option to 'Activate any processes and enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution'. Once you have chosen to install a tool and the installation completes, simply restart XRM Tools.

The tool has been removed from the SiteMap and you will now find a SiteMap Options setting in the Configuration module that will allow you to quickly add and remove the tool from the Settings SiteMap area. The tool is always accessible from the solution configuration page.

Dynamics XRM Tools

Currently available tools include
  • OData Query Designer
  • Metadata Browser
  • CRM 4 to CRM 2011 JavaScript Converter
  • Trace Tool (on premise only)
  • Statistics

Configuration Module

About Dynamics XRM Tools

The Dynamics XRM Tools project provides a modular framework for hosting Silverlight applications within a single shell.

A joint effort started by Rhett Clinton MVP and Ramon Tebar MVP has produced an extensible application framework that allows additional tools to be developed and included as a part of the toolset. Rhett's original CRM tools have been ported to the new framework and additional tools have already been created with more in development.

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